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Frequently asked questions

1. What forms of payment are accepted?

We will be happy to accept your Visa, Mastercard, or Discover Card.

We will take your check, money order or cashier' check with proper information. However, your order will be held for 10-14 days pending bank approval. Your order will not be processed until after the payment has cleared our bank. Your order number must be clearly posted on your form of payment with a copy of your confirmation attached. The address for mailing payments is:

Buy Posh Rooms
P.O. Box 80853
Lafayette, LA 70598-80853

We will also be happy to accept your payment via pay pal.

2. How will my order be shipped?

The majority of the items from your package will ship UPS or Federal Express. Any items which require trucking will be shipped with Old Dominion Freight Company or their affiliates.

3. Will the driver unload the furniture for me?

UPS and Fed Ex will unload the boxes and provide door service. These deliveries are to ground floors only. Common Carrier truck deliveries are performed by a trucking company. The trucking companies provide level 2 white glove service which means that they will carry your merchandise up 2 flights of stairs and place the items in your room of choice. This service does not include debris removal. All deliveries will require a signature of receipt upon delivery. Common Carrier Deliveries are made Monday through Friday and usually by appointment. An appointment by telephone is scheduled by the trucking companies.

4. What is a White Glove Company?

White Glove service provides inside delivery to residential, medical and retail facilities across the continental U.S. The company will provide Service Level 2 to your delivery. Service Level 2 means that the items will be delivered to your home, unpacked and placed in your room of choice. Minor assembly will be provided if necessary. Where stairs are involved, they will carry your goods up two flights of stairs. If the delivery is more complicated, or there are more than 2 flights of stairs, you will be required to pay Old Dominion for any additional charges.

5. How long of a warranty do I have on these items?

You will receive the manufacturers warranty on each item, which in most cases is six months from the delivery date. The warranty will exclude damages from shipping, normal wear and tear, and any damage caused by incorrect opening of packages. Buy Posh Rooms sofas are designed and engineered for sitting or lying down. It is not intended for standing, jumping, or bouncing. These uses may result in damages which will not be covered under warranty. Improper cleaning of upholstery is not covered by this warranty, we recommend testing in an inconspicuous area first when applying any cleaning products. Buy Posh Rooms furniture is only warranted to the original purchaser from the date of purchase against defects in material or workmanship as to the furniture components. (Defects mean imperfections which impair the utility of the product.) If the furniture component is defective in the warranty period, Buy Posh Rooms will replace at no charge. The labor charge is not included and will be assessed at time of claim. Any shipping fees will be at the original purchasers own expense. The Buy Posh Rooms warranty applies under normal use conditions. It will not apply to defects that result from negligence, intentional damage, unreasonable exposure, or use.

6. Do the bedding sets have sheets included with them?

The bedding will include the items shown in the photograph, but will not include sheets or pillowcases.

7. Are the pillows filled?

Pillow Shams and Euro Shams are unfilled while decorative pillows will be delivered filled.

8. What is the time frame between the time I order, and the time I begin receiving my goods?

Standard manufacturing time on upholstered goods is 2-8 weeks. The time frame is a guideline and cannot be guaranteed by Buy Posh Rooms. However, you may begin receiving packages within 5-7 days depending upon your location. If your order will be delayed for any reason, we will notify you within the 2-8 week time frame. Buy Posh Rooms is not responsible for manufacturing delays, production delays, damage during freight, or any unforeseen situations out of our control. Buy Posh Rooms is not responsible for any issues or damages not recorded on the bill of lading.

9. What do I do if the boxes are damaged when I receive them.

You have the right of refusal if any items are received in "damaged" condition. You must refuse any boxes that are damaged upon receipt. If there is any doubt as to the condition of the item, please open the carton in front of the delivery person to assess the item. If there is damage, you must send the item and the box back with the driver. Damages must be noted on the delivery form prior to departure of the delivery group from your home. Buy Posh Rooms MUST be contacted immediately. We will then assist you with a resolution.

10. What if the damage is hidden?

Please take pictures of any damage and contact us at our (877) 769-3346. We will have one of our trained shipping representatives review the damage to determine whether the problem occurred at the factory, in shipping, or upon opening of the package. We will then take the steps necessary to solve the problem and notify you with a solution.

11. What happens if an item from the room I have chosen is backordered?

If it becomes knowledge that an item is no longer available, backordered, or discontinued by the manufacturer, you will be notified immediately. Buy Posh Rooms reserves the right to replace any of these such items with an item of equal value and style at the discretion of the designer.

12. Will my items need to be assembled?

Some light assembly may be required on many of the items. Standard tools may be necessary and will be noted in the instruction manuals of the items.

13. Will the sofa's fit through standard doors? Can I return what does not fit?

All merchandise is manufactured to fit through standard door sizes. It is believed that measurements should be determined prior to ordering, therefore, Buy Posh Rooms will not be responsible for items that do not fit. Orders cannot be returned as a result of the customer's miscalculation of door size, furniture size, room size, or architectural dimensions.

14. Will the shipping company charge me anything?

Although we are Including shipping, some shipping companies may charge an additional fee for failed attempts at delivery or pick-up of the furniture. This normally does not occur with Fed Ex, or UPS, but is possible with a trucking company delivering larger items. The trucking company will make an appointment for delivery, and you will be expected to keep that appointment. If the appointment is made and not kept, the shipping company may assess a "failed delivery fee". Should this occur, you will be notified by the shipping company, and expected to handle that directly with them.

15. What if I want to have some items shipped to my home, and others shipped to another location?

In order to keep our shipping free, and our pricing simple, we can only ship to one address per order. Including shipping is ground shipping only.

16. Do I pay Sales Tax?

When ordering from the State of Louisiana, you will be charged 8% sales tax.

17. Do the beds come with the mattress and box spring?

Due to the vast comfort selections, mattresses, box springs, and bed frames are not included in the room packages.

18. Is everything in the picture included in the package?

Some items in the photographs are props and will therefore not be included in your package. You will find a notation under each room description that lists the props.

19. If I have placed the order and decide I want to cancel, how long do I have to cancel the order?

Because our products are custom made for you, we can not cancel an order after 48 hours of placement. Please consider your decisions carefully before deciding to make a purchase.

20. Can I get a fabric sample?

Absolutely! We would be happy to provide samples of the fabrics for upholstered goods only. There is currently no swatch available for the leather sofas. We do not supply swatches for comforters, rugs, or lampshades. Please contact us at (877) 769-3346 for ordering swatches.

21. I saw a room six months ago, but I don't see it anymore. Can I still order that room?

Unfortunately, if you do not see the room, it is no longer available. In order to keep these rooms exclusive, once they have been shown for a period of time, they will be removed and replaced with a new inventory. Each room is here for a limited time. No room will be oversold!

22. What if I have questions about my order after I place it?

We would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Please feel free to contact us at (877) 769-3346. We have trained professionals available to answer any questions you may have.

23. Can I change anything in the room?

We do have a couple of options. You have the option of a king sized, or queen sized headboard and comforter at no additional charge. Certain rooms show sofa and loveseat combinations. However, you can choose to have two sofas or two loveseats at no additional charge. There are no options available on replacing chairs with loveseats or sofas.

24. Can anything be added to the room?

These rooms have been designed by an award winning designer with the intent of providing everything necessary for your room. It is not our intention to sell these items in pieces. However, please feel free to contact us at (877) 769-3346 should you need something additional. At this time we have upholstered goods, comforters, rugs and artwork available separately. If the item is not listed as one available separately, then unfortunately, it is not.

25. My bedroom is too small for a sitting area, can I take the chair and table out?

Unfortunately, because these rooms are designed to be sold complete, we can not remove anything from the package. Please feel free to view rooms with fewer items in the package or consider moving the additional items to another location in your home.

26. I have a large home with several rooms in need of attention. Is the designer available for custom projects?

Absolutely! We would be happy to work with you on any residential or commercial project that you may have. Please visit our website at

27. When am I going to get my paint color?

Typically you will receive the paint color via email after 48 business hours of purchase.

28. I'm not sure all of the items will fit in my room? What size room were these items photographed in?

The room size was 17 ft. wide by 14ft. long. However, the item placement could be adjusted for smaller or larger rooms. The designer has selected the placement of the items based on the room size she was working with. However, pictures, etc can be moved to other walls to accommodate placement and should still work fine with the design.

29. How do I know how to set up my room when I get it?

Print the picture of the room you are purchasing from our web site. Use this picture layout as your guide to set up your new Posh space. Because all rooms are different, it is not necessary to set up your room exactly like what you see on our site if it is not possible with your given space. The items, regardless of the placement, were selected to work together and still look great.

30. What is a bill of lading and why is it important?

You may have never heard of a Bill of lading (BOL), but it's a very important part of freight shipping. A bill of lading (BOL) is a mandatory document between any shipper and carrier. This document is a legally binding document which gives details of where the package is going, where its coming from, shipping times, etc. This document can act as a receipt and a contract for any freight shipping services. The Bill of Lading (BOL) features shipping, receiving, weight and classification information so there is no confusion between shipper and carrier.

31. How are items dimensioned?

Each item size listed are in inch format and are Width x Length x Depth.

32. I can't figure out how to place my furniture, Can you help?

Yes, for a fee of $50 we can provide a schematic for your room.  We will need the Length and Width of the room, placement of doors and windows and at least (4) photos (one of each wall).  We will then put the information into our systems and provide a drawing of where your furniture would best fit the space


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